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Changes Coming to Former Kmart in Dickson City


DICKSON CITY, Pa. — What was one of the busiest shopping spots in Dickson City will soon be repurposed.

Construction crews are working on a part of the former Kmart.

It will include the Allure Salon Group and Planet-3 Trampoline Park.

Planet-3 has locations across the country, the closest is near Binghamton, New York.

Nearby businesses say the park brings something different to Dickson City.

“We just saw the sign for the trampoline park, and we thought that was going to be a pretty cool little attraction to bring people into the area. We kind of didn’t realize it was going to be a whole bigger thing, but that’s pretty cool. It’s awesome to see more shops coming by and opening up here,” said Jerry Bruno, The Ski Corner.

Kmart closed in 2017. The trampoline park and the salon take up less than half of the building.

“The landlord is awesome, he has other tenants that he is talking to, to breathe new life into this space,” said Karen Kaminski, Allure Salon Group.

Karen Kaminski showed us around her second location of Allure Salon Group.

It’s also something a little different.

Allure allows hair stylists to set up shop by renting one of 17 different spaces.

Kaminski says she sees a comeback for the Kmart Plaza.

“With the trampoline people, you know, moms could drop their children off and then get their hair done, and other spa services here,” said Kaminski.

Both new businesses are expected to open in early 2019.

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East End Centre now 70 percent occupied

Press Release

Allure Salon Group LLC is locally owner and operated. LOCATED at Joe Amato’s 320 East End Center, Wilkes Barre, PA 18702 570-877-7150. This is the first Salon Suite business of its kind to open in the area. It is a Studio Salon Suite facility that empowers the Hair Stylist, Aesthetician, Make-Up Artist, Massage Therapist and Beauty Professional alike to take control of their their future and their careers by become a salon owner seamlessly and inexpensively. The Facility has 14 Studio Salons, 11 Singles and 3 Doubles.

This business concept although new to the area and the state of Pennsylvania is very popular throughout the United States. It is NOT considered booth rental,  each individual Salon has to have a minimum square footage; has to have a Salon License and be inspected by the Pennsylvania State Board of  Cosmetology.

Each Salon is turnkey ready equipped with custom cabinets, styling station, chairs and shampoo bowls. The facility itself offers state of the art amenities such as, instant hot water circulation, motion and heat detector electric and lighting. Professional Led lighting for consistent saturation, swipe card security access, privacy insulated walls, 24 hours security camera surveillance.

Each Studio Salon business is managed by the salon owner; all money transactions, pricing, products and hours of operation are at the discretion of the individual. Easy Studio Salon can be  personalize to suit the owners taste.

Allure also features a professional classroom for educational event for the seasoned professional or for the newbie just getting starting in their professional career.  Beauty Professional can attend events featuring local Guest Artist as well as industry favorites from around the country. The classes will be both lecture format and hands-on. This will allows local professionals to keep up on the lastest industry trends or sharpen their skills while staying local.

Allure Salon Group is open 7 days a week with restricted hours between 9:00PM and 6:00AM

Allure Salon Group is now taking appointments to view the facility. Private appointments are also available.

The turnaround time from signing a lease; applying for and getting State inspected is minimum 4 weeks.