Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Allure Salon Group is a Salon Studio facility that houses 11 Single Salon Studio, 3 Double Salon Studios and a Professional Classroom.

It is for the established Salon Professional looking to take the next step and own their own Salon. Hair Stylist, Aesthetician, Masseuse, Nail Technician, Make Up Artist etc.

Yes, you can choose your paint colors and personalize your space,  any major changes have to be approved by the Allure Salon Group.

Each Professional can use whatever product line they choose.

The Facility is opened 5am to Midnight 7 days a week.

The Salon Professional names the business and we help with the PA State Board of Cosmetology paperwork and inspection.

Lease payment vary depending on Single or Double Salon Studio Space and Salon Professional Occupant, weekly payment starting at $312.50 with an option of bi-weekly $625.00. 1 year leases are required available.

A private fully operating salon which includes, a wet bar and storage area, shampoo bowl with laundry cabinet and chair, full mirrored styling station with storage, LED salon lighting, stylist chair, electric, WiFi, heat, air conditioning, garbage, washer & dry usage and door signage (Equipment and Fixtures may vary depending on Occupant) all utilities are included. Use of Allure App to schedule appointments and to process credit card payments.

Contact Allure Salon Group by phone or email to set up an appointment 570-877-7150, (All inquiries are Confidential)