Money Piece Highlights: 15 Hair Trends to Copy in 2022

f I had to pick one hair-color trend that has defined the 2020s so far, it no doubt would be money piece hair. Yes, I realize we’re only a few years into the decade, but tell me, were you able to scroll on TikTok in 2020 or 2021 without seeing brunettes with platinum-blonde pieces, chunky streaks of all colors, or face-framing tendrils of varying shades and hues? Because I know I wasn’t, and I also know that’s a pretty good indication that the trend is far too popular to fade away so soon. In fact, money pieces are as popular as ever right now, so if you’re looking for even more inspo on the hair trend to wear in 2022, we’ve got 15 ideas for ya below. And if you’re totally new to the phrase “money piece” and are just learning about the trend, let’s start with the basics, first.

show a money piece
From soft to dramatic, the right money piece can brighten up everybody’s face.


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