“Employee to Owner” Program

Are you an experienced Beauty Professional with an existing clientelle but nervous about transitioning to being an Owner right away?
Allure Salon Group offers an Employee-to-Owner (“ETO”) program where you can join as an employee with many of the same amenities/perks as Owners! And we’ll train you to help you get your business situated until you’re ready to become an Owner.

What Are the Qualifications to Join the Employee-to-Owner ("ETO") Program?

If you are an experienced Beauty Professional, who already has an existing book of clientelle, but need a little time and help to transition into full independent ownership, then you are the perfect candidate!

You continue to focus on servicing your clients. We provide one-on-one coaching to help get your business up and running, and then eventually transition to being an Owner.

What is the difference between being an Owner and an Employee?

Regardless if you are an Owner or Employee, you get your own private salon studio, and you manage your own schedule, clients, and inventory!

The primary difference is Employees are paid via commission on their service sales (highest in the industry); and Owners keep 100% of they earn but pay a fixed weekly rent.

How Will I Get Paid?

Just like working in any other salon as an employee, you will receive a commission based on the Services Sales you generate. 

We pay the highest commission rates in the industry!

What Will I Use to Manage my Appointment book?

Allure Salon Group is partnered with an industry leading salon software that is an all-in-one booking, payments and POS solution that helps beauty and wellness professionals manage their service offering and appointment book, and check-out clients.

You have access to the software for free as an ETO Employee!

How Do I Become an Owner When I'm Ready?

Because you will already have your salon business in your own private studio, the transitioning to being an Owner is seamless!  You stay in the same studio you were already in.

When you’re ready, we help you obtain your own business entity and insurance, and apply for your own salon license with the PA State Board of Cosmetology. 

That’s it!